Why a hot yoga towel should be part of your practice

If you practice yoga – whether it be hot yoga or not – you know how sweaty you can get. Yoga may seem like it is simply moving through a series of stretches and poses, but until you have had an hour+ long class, you won’t realize how sweaty you can get! This is why it is critical to have a hot yoga towel as part of your practice.

Not only does a hot yoga towel provide you with a surface to capture and hold your sweat, but it also has several other benefits:

Hot yoga towels provide grip

A Hot yoga towel provides you with added grip when the going gets hot. This is critical for not only enjoying your yoga practice, but also for maintaining balance throughout class. There have been many-a-yoga-student who has lost focus and traction in class because they have not had a yoga towel.

You should cover up your rental yoga mat

Do you rent yoga mats from the studio rather than bringing your own? These mats can quickly become dirty and covered in germs, so you need to cover it up before rubbing your entire body over it! Hot yoga towels provide a layer between you and your rental mat to ensure you avoid the sweat and germs of the person who used the mat before you.

Hot Yoga Towels give you added padding

If you are a beginning yoga student you may want extra padding between you and the hard floor below. Yoga towels provide just this. They will make sure you have a little extra comfort during class, especially when you are on your hands and knees.

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