In the past 5 years hot yoga mats have evolved from non-existent to technologically advanced

The best hot yoga mats┬átoday are made from all natural materials, and provide a surface that won’t leave you slipping and sliding through your hot yoga class. Hot yoga mats have come a long way, some mats even gain traction as the mat gets wet throughout class. The biggest breakthrough in the past 5 years however has been a complete change in material, from synthetic foam materials to all natural eco friendly rubber materials. Not only is this change a more responsible one, but it also provides a better experience for yoga students.

Hot yoga mats are critical for students who tend to sweat a lot during class (and who doesn’t in 95% humidity). If you have ever used a foam rental mat at a studio without a yoga towel, then you know how painful the experience can be. This is why we provide the best hot yoga mat for earth on earth.

There are so many different hot yoga mats available, so how do you decide which to purchase?

First, think about the material you would like. Some yoga mats don’t provide any traction at all whether the mat is wet or not. These are the ones to avoid. But don’t only focus on the grip of your hot yoga mat, but also think about the quality of the material. Eco-friendly all natural eco yoga mats are preferred at PAYoga Forward.

Second, think about the company you are buying from. We all think “buy locally grown” when it comes to food, but do we carry this state of mind over to consumer products? There are so many companies out there that support great causes and employ great people. At PAYoga Forward we sell yoga mats for great causes. If you are in the market for a great product, why not support a great cause while you are at it? This is what paying yoga forward is all about.