downward dog tipsDownward Dog Tips: the right way to do downward facing dog

Downward dog, or downward facing dog, is one of the most fundamental yoga poses (especially within a yoga pose). It is easy to lose track of your body in this pose, which is why must focus on the fundamentals!

  1. Start on your hands and knees if you are a yoga beginner. This will allow you to align your body properly before entering the position. Line your knees up directly below your hips and your hand slightly in front of your shoulders.
  2. EXHALE as you lift your knees away from the floor. Your heels should be off the floor and your knees should be bent. Make sure you allow yourself a nice knee bend if you are new to yoga! You should focus on lengthening your spine and tailbone, while lifting your butt towards the ceiling.
  3. Push your thighs higher in the air with an exhale, and try to push your heels toward the floor as much as possible. If you need to give some room for your body, do so by continuing to bend your knees. Roll the thighs in slightly.
  4. Spread your fingers along the floor, focusing on making contact with wide spread fingers. Lift with your arms, making sure you keep your elbows turned in. Draw your shoulders toward your pelvis as you continue to flatten your back.
  5. Continue to work deeper into this pose for 1-3 minutes, paying attention to your body and resting if needed. Make sure you exhale as you bend your knees and place them back on the floor.

Make sure you focus on the fundamentals of downward facing dog pose. This pose fits into almost every yoga practice, so it is key to improving your yoga comfort. At PAYoga Forward we want to get as many people involved in yoga as possible. Our shop proceeds benefit charitable causes, so pay yoga forward today!