Best Boston Yoga Studioboston yoga

There are dozens of yoga studios in major cities around the U.S. (hundreds if you live in NY or San Francisco). So how do you choose which studio is best for you? We have visited several Boston yoga studios and have put together our list of some of the best, both for the value and for the experience.

North End Yoga – The Best of the Best

Getting around in the North End can be difficult if you aren’t familiar with the area. This is why it took us so long to get to the Best of Boston 2016 Yoga Studio Winner but we are glad we did. This yoga studio provides beginner to advanced classes in a comfortable and friendly environment.

We always appreciate when a studio has a basics or fundamentals class, making this studio valuable for all skill levels. With a price of $16 for a drop in and $75 for a 5 class pass, the North End Yoga studio has tremendous value.

Down Under Yoga Studio – The Best Value

Located a bit outside of Boston proper, the Down Under Yoga studio is a great place for people who are looking to try yoga (or try a new studio) but do not want to financially commit to a pricey yoga package. This studio has the best value we could find – with a $30 for 30 days of unlimited yoga package. This my friends, you cannot beat.

Back Bay Yoga – Best Alternative Yoga Class

Back Bay Yoga is a great studio. Owned and run by YogaWorks, this studio offers fundamental yoga classes, but also spices things up with classes like Hip Hop Yoga with a live DJ! It’s always fun to experience new yoga styles and remind yourself that aside from the calm yoga can produce, it should also be fun.

HYP Yoga – Best Suburban Studio

If you are looking for yoga classes just outside of Boston, check out HYP yoga and pilates studio. With locations in a few suburban towns including Needham and Wellesley, it is convenient to find a time and place for yoga throughout your week. The instructors at these studios are wonderful and always welcome new students. The hot yoga experience at HYP is one to try, but beginners be aware, it is really hot! Check out HYP the next time you are in the ‘burbs.

All of these studios rent yoga mats, but there is always benefit to having your own yoga mat. Especially when it is the Best Yoga Mat for Earth on Earth.